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King AbdulAziz University launches its flagship scientific platform, heralding a new dawn in authorized learning

The university has digitized and has digitized its research output, including books, journals, and theses, on a variety of topics. placed on a full-text search platform that can be accessed by other universities and research centers around the world. For the first time, King AbdulAziz University will export its research output to the rest of the world.

KAUSP works with the Al Manhal electronic publishing platform. The Al Manhal platform remains the only platform that allows full-text search for the Arabic language. The platform also adheres to other library standards including IP authentication, remote access, Athens and indexing with OCLC, Summon, and EBSCO Discovery Services. This allows libraries around the world to access and subscribe to the KAUSP collection.

Ranked as the number one university in Middle East and among the top 200 globally, this movement is likely to strengthen the university's position as a leader in excellence among the academic community. ] "With its wide variety of built-in academic and research services, the King Abdulaziz University Scientific Platform is truly consistent with the Kingdom's 2030 vision. It aligns with the university's strategy to enhance its digital infrastructure to drive operational efficiency and it will serve employees, students, researchers and visitors well in their academic endeavors, "says His Excellency the Dean of Library Affairs, Dr. Nabil Qumsani.

Dr. Ghassan bin Rashid Al-Nuwaimi His Excellency the Deputy Dean of Library Affairs expresses his optimism about the platform and says that "I feel that KAUSP really has the potential to promote an academic environment that stimulates and nurtures creativity. . Its advanced data and intelligent analysis capabilities are sure to make tangible improvements in the efficiency and reliability of the research produced. "

" Our goal is to support institutions in Middle East and Muslims World to make its valuable scientific output truly exportable and accessible to the rest of the world, regardless of the language of its research output. This will exponentially increase the visibility and use of King AbdulAziz University's content, one of its top priorities. Through advanced analytics and dashboards, the university can gain in-depth insights about how your research is being used, what research is in demand, and who is using it. This will affect future research decisions and increase the return on investment in research activities ", says Rany AlBaghdadi president of Al Manhal.

Established in 1967 as National University KAU has been deepening the roots of higher education in western Saudi Arabia. Recognized as the number 1 institution in Middle East it is currently in the top 200 on a global scale.

He is considered distinguished in terms of the number of students, scientific and theoretical fields of study and the exclusivity of certain specializations such as marine science, geology, nuclear engineering, medical engineering, meteorology and aviation and mineralization.

Thriving on the virtues of sustainability and community engagement, the university has forged its identity as a world-class Institute.

About Al Manhal

Al Manhal is the leading Arab provider of electronic information. It is the world's only provider of full-text searchable databases of academic and scientific publications from or about Middle East Africa and Asia .

Al Manhal combines rich publishing and library expertise with best-in-class technology to enable university, government, corporate, school, and public library users to efficiently discover and access thousands of e-books, e-journals, e-theses. , intelligence reports and conference proceedings from Middle East Africa and Asia major publishing houses and research institutes.

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