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Kauravas from Mahabharata were test tube babies: the Director of Andhra University

The Vice Chancellor of Andhra University, G Nageshwar Rao, spoke at the Indian Science Congress.

The Vice Chancellor of Andhra University said that India had the knowledge of stem cell research, fertilization with test tubes and even guided missiles thousands of years ago, as evidence, stories from the Mahabharata and Ramayana Indian epics.

Speaking at the Indian Science Congress on Friday, G Nageshwar Rao said: "We had hundreds of kauravas from a mother because of stem cell research and baby specimen technology, it happened a few thousand years ago. in this country. "

"… Mahabharat says that 100 eggs were fertilized and placed in 100 clay pots, are not they test tube babies? Stem cell research in this country was present thousands of years ago."

Mr. Rao also claimed that Lord Ram used astras and shastras or weapons, which would pursue targets, hit them and return. He said that this was proof that the science of guided missiles was present in India even thousands of years ago.

Rao said that the demon king Ravana had 24 types of aircraft of different sizes and capacities for different purposes. Rao also said that Ravana had several airports in Lanka.

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