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Join Georgetown University in a webinar to explore their Master of Urban and Regional Planning – Greater Greater Washington

Join Georgetown University for a webinar on Thursday, January 28 to discover how your Master of Urban and Regional Planning will prepare you to solve the critical challenges facing urban communities around the world.

Ideal for working professionals, the program offers options for full or part-time participation and classes that are held Monday through Friday nights, so you can earn your degree without interrupting your career. You will learn from academics and industry professionals in the classroom while developing your skills outside of the classroom through applied problem solving, international travel, independent research, and networking events. Upon completion of the program, you will have the industry knowledge and leadership skills necessary to effectively and responsibly shape the communities of tomorrow. Register here.

We will share this event through a sponsored publishing agreement with Georgetown University. We offer this advertising option to organizations that have relevant programs in the Washington metropolitan region. Sponsored listings help fund our work, while also providing opportunities to learn more about urbanism. See the full list of GGWash sponsors online .

Saturday January 16

Are you ready for TransportationCamp DC 2021: January 16, Transportation for America will host TransportationCamp DC 2021 to talk about “everything that happens in transportation and how we can fight to make our transportation system safe and affordable? , equitable and sustainable in this new world ”. The one-day virtual conference is open to anyone. Some may also have the opportunity to lead sessions. There is a $ 5 to $ 10 fee for this event. Click here to register.

Volunteer for MLK Weekend: Do you feel the need to give some time this weekend? Well, Rock Creek Conservatory is hosting several cleanup events as part of a national initiative to “empower people, build community connections, and celebrate Dr. King's belief that 'all life is interconnected' by protecting parks that make our region resilient to climate change. "From Saturday through Monday, January 17, there will be several opportunities for volunteers to collect trash and remove invasive species throughout the Rock Creek watershed. Click here to register to this event.

Thursday, January 28

Learn about the evolution of data centers: Join the conversation about Northern Virginia data centers and how they impact the built environment and the economy "Scaling the Cloud: The Hypervolution of Data Centers" is a webinar looking at the future of ce data centers. The event takes place from 5:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m. There is $ 10 to attend. For more information, click here.

George Kevin Jordan is the managing editor of GGWash. He is a proud resident of Hillcrest in DC's District 7. Born and raised in Milwaukee, she has written for many publications, most recently the AFRO and HIV / AIDS issues for

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