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It lowers the speed limit to 30 km / h to save lives, says the report of the university

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The speed limit in some areas it should be reduced to 30 km / h, according to a university study. Cutting from 50 km / h to 30 km / h would reduce the risk of pedestrian deaths, according to a report from the University of NSW. The study recommended reducing the limit to 40 km / h, or 30 km / h in high pedestrian areas, such as the city's CBD, shopping areas and school zones. "Pedestrians hit in vehicle crashes are the largest group of traffic fatalities in the world, and excessive speed is the most important factor in such crashes," said UNSW professor Jake Olivier. "Even an impact velocity of only about 30 km / h is equivalent to what you would experience if you fell from the roof of your house." An analysis of the crash data from six countries found that the risk of death reaches 5% at an estimated impact speed of 28 km / h, 10% at 36 km / h, 50% at 57 km / h, 75% at 67 km / h and 90% at 78 km / h. "Thus, for example, if a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle at an impact speed of 30 km / h, the average risk of death is 6%, but when the impact speed increases by 1 km / h, the odds of pedestrian fatalities increase by an average of 11 percent, "said Professor Olivier, according to the Center for Road Safety, there are areas in NSW where the speed limit is less than 50 km / h. High speed pedestrian (HPAA) of 40 km / h in NSW, including several in Illawarra There are also speed zones in Sydney CBD that fall as low as 20 km / h and up to 10 km / h in some areas. Center for Road Safety, Bernard Carlon, said that the 40 km / h speed zones were working. "An assessment of pedestrian activity areas with a height of 40 km / h in New South Wales found that they were effective in improving safety, with a 33% reduction in crashes that fall they used serious injuries and deaths between 2005 and 2015, "said Carlon. "The benefits were seen not only for pedestrians, but for all road users." /r0_88_2408_1449_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg Backlinks19459003 ◆◆ 19459004 ◆◆ 19459006 ◆ Backlinks19459above of the light license vessel the life of the family at the last moment.

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