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How to make the most of the extra period of UCAS

Does it apply to start college in September? You may not be sure of your current situation and feel that a second chance to make a different decision may be excellent at this time. The January deadline has passed, but that is not necessarily the end of the story.

UCAS Extra, which runs from February 25 to July 4, is the official process for applicants who made five initial decisions, but has not received any offers from universities, or for those who have rejected the offers they have received. It allows a second chance to get a college offer by adding an additional option, but there are some conditions in the way UCAS Extra works that you should know.

  • Universities have until May to make an offer, so do not give up your current options too quickly if you have not received an answer yet.
  • Which one? The university advises that the best thing you can do is go to UCAS Track. "If you are eligible for UCAS Extra, the option" Add an extra option "that you can use to request a course will appear on your screen You can see the available courses in the UCAS course search.
  • UCAS Extra no requires no additional charge.
  • You may, if you wish, cancel any pending request in Track that makes you eligible for Extra. But remember, if you reject your offers and add an Extra option, you can not accept any of your options initials after this or reinstate those options later.
  • Always do your research UCAS Extra only allows one additional option at a time, so research and search the different universities and courses offered.
  • Colleges have 21 days to respond to your UCAS Extra application, then, after this deadline, you can add a different option. After this deadline, universities can still eden to offer you an offer, but it's up to you if you decide to apply elsewhere at this time.
  • Not all colleges have UCAS Extra locations. If the course has places available through UCAS Extra, a gray "X" will appear next to the subject in the UCAS Course Search.
  • You can not change your personal statement, so if you feel you want to apply for a different type of course through Extra, it is best to contact the university and speak with your admissions team to discuss your decision. You can, if you think it would be beneficial, offer to send an updated personal statement relevant to your choice of new topic and strengthen its application.
  • Accepting an offer from UCAS Extra is as much a commitment to the university as it would be if you accepted an initial offer. You may be offered a place in the course if you meet the conditions of the offer on the Day of Results in August. Otherwise, you can enter Compensation.
  • Consider your choice of subject, your qualifications, and the university to which you have applied. It is a good time to reconsider and think seriously about your college career and what you want to achieve and obtain from your trip.
  • Talking with a career counselor at your school, a personal tutor, a family member or a caregiver can be a good way to talk about your options. Find the person you can trust to give you honest advice.
  • Many colleges offer open days, campus days, or course test days during this period so you can gain a real understanding of what your college experience might be like.

If you can not find the course for you through UCAS Extra, do not panic: there is still time and many universities offer quotas through the Compensation process that begins on July 5.

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