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Graduates reflect on their journeys as porters, look to the future

The most recent graduates of the University of New Haven, who accepted their university degrees during the beginning of winter, share how the University has helped them prepare them for success in their future endeavors .

December 21, 2018

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Turn your eyes back to the sights and sounds of the start of winter at the University of New Haven.

Chris Sullivan''19 MPA

Chris Sullivan''19 MPA knew that returning to the class for the first time in almost 20 years to obtain a master's degree would be a challenge.

"Working full time and having a family is busy enough, but I knew I wanted to expand the scope of my experience," he says. "Winning my MPA achieved that goal."

Sullivan, an environmental analyst with the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, was one of 700 undergraduate and undergraduate students who accepted their degrees this month at the beginning of the University's winter.

During his stay at the University, Sullivan, who completed a bachelor's degree in environmental science in the mid-1990s, studied the impact of fracking residues in Connecticut.

"I hope you leave today here full of pride to achieve your goal of obtaining a title and excited about what the future holds." President Steven Kaplan

"The research I did and the document I wrote prepared me to take the initiative to pass a local ordinance to ban fracking products in my hometown of Branford," says Sullivan. "I was able to directly apply my school work to a real-world situation, almost in real time, since the ordinance was approved only a few months after I completed my class assignment."

President Steven Kaplan told graduates that they have a lot of work to do to address the problems that affect the world, but he told them that they have the skills and experience to make a difference.

Charlie helps congratulate the recent graduates of the University.

"I hope you leave today here full of pride to achieve your goal of obtaining a degree and excited about what the future holds," he said. "I also hope that you develop a sense of urgency to apply what you have learned to make an impact and inspire others to do the same."

A graduate who has done just that as a student is Madison Davis '19, who dedicated herself to raising funds for the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital through the Up 'til Dawn campaign of the University. A specialty in forensic science, he will continue his masters degree in medical legal death research at Syracuse University.

"I am learning new things and using the wealth of knowledge I gained from the University of New Haven to develop my career." Dolapo Egbewole '19 M.S.

"The University helped me prepare for success by giving me the resources I needed to find an internship and then find my graduate program," he says. "My teachers and advisors really helped me find what interested me and showed me how to keep looking for that interest."

 Dolapo Egbewole '19 M.S.
Dolapo Egbewole '19 M.S.

Logan Hill''19, a sports management specialist, participated actively in ChargerREC and was a five-year member of the University football team.

"The best lesson I learned that will contribute to my success is the value of being part of something that is bigger than you," he says. The feeling of winning a football game after a long week of preparation will always be at the top of the list and what I will remember the most. "

Dolapo Egbewole '19 M.S., a native of Nigeria who joined the University to obtain a master's degree in finance, has already started her career at JPMorgan Chase as a financial analyst.

"This is the dream company of all graduates in finance," he said. "I am learning new things and using the wealth of knowledge I gained from the University of New Haven to build my career."

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