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Florida State shortstop Josie Muffley is the best tag you've ever seen

Florida State University shortstop Josie Muffley has gone viral for an incredible tag team play. (See below).

"It's a very good experience," the softball star said of his newfound Internet fame in a clip posted to Twitter Tuesday.

Muffley, a sophomore in a red shirt, said that she had never tried the maneuver that has attracted so much attention before, but the same can be said of many top-level fielders. Watch her jump up to catch a shot from the catcher, then run the glove down her legs to touch Memphis' slider Sam Ibison during a game in Tallahassee on Saturday.

The play received recognition from ESPN. NCAA Softball named it play number 2 of the week.

But there is a catch, and a big one. The referee called the runner safe, although she appeared to be out, MLive noted. The Seminoles still won the game, 3-2.

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