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FitBiomics Partners with St. John's University Athletics

QUEENS, NY – ( BUSINESS WIRE ) – FitBiomics, a cutting-edge microbiome and probiotic company, today announced its official partnership with St. John's University Athletics to serve as the program's official performance probiotic, as well as provide unprecedented NIL opportunities to all student-athletes.

FitBiomics uses microbiome technology to improve athlete performance from the inside out, and has translated this research to create next-generation probiotics.

St. John's student-athletes will have the opportunity to experience FitBiomics' first product, Nella, and act as social media ambassadors and campus leaders to educate on gut health. This is the first year that student-athletes have been able to use their names, images, and likeness to monetize their success, and the founder of FitBiomics is proud to partner with his alma mater for this initiative.

"As a former St. John's basketball player, I am excited to offer both NIL and leading advancements in biotechnology." said Dr. Jonathan Scheiman, founder and CEO of New York-based FitBiomics

"This is the first association of its kind to position St. John's University as a leader in athletics and overall health and wellness," added Dr. Scheiman. “Nella from FitBiomics uses next-generation probiotics, sourced exclusively from elite artists, to support holistic health from digestion to sleep, energy and recovery. We are bringing the future of fitness to Red Storm now, and we are just getting started. "

Twenty years after graduating from St. John's, Dr. Scheiman is applying next-generation probiotics and microbiome technology to support the nutrition, health, and performance of today's students. It is their hope that, through NIL, these benefits can be accessible to wider communities.

"We are thrilled to officially partner with Jonathan and his team of incredibly talented people at FitBiomics," said athletic director Mike Cragg. “Jonathan and I have been in contact for several years and it is exciting to start working with him in an official capacity. He is a shining example of what student-athletes can become and we hope his work will inspire our next generation of student-athlete success stories on and off the court. "

Dr. Scheiman's education and athletic involvement at St. John's University opened doors that eventually led to him earning a Ph.D. in Biomedicine, founding FitBiomics and creating the probiotic Nella. FitBiomics grew out of the Wyss Institute at Harvard, where Dr. Scheiman studied during his postdoctoral fellowship.

About FitBiomics and Nella:

FitBiomics and its pioneering research are bridging the gap between sport and science to bring communities together. We work with some of the best athletes in the world as we inspire the next generation of scientists. The new frontier of human health and wellness is Nella, a next-generation performance probiotic daily capsule designed to help anyone seeking a healthy, active lifestyle move to a new frontier of personal best, from the inside out. outside. Nella gives you the guts to challenge your limits. For more information, visit[19459006

For more information about St. John's University, visit:[19459006

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