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Ferris State University Begins COVID-19 Vaccine Amid Rise in Cases

Michigan's Surge Comes As More Vaccines Are Made Statewide, Even On Campus university students.

Ferris State University students, faculty, and staff now have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. The university began dosing on Monday and will continue to do so through Thursday.

“We have the experience to be able to do vaccinations on campus with a pharmacy school and our nursing program. Between the faculty, students and staff, we have that capacity and have been working together with the health of District 10. Initially, we started using the students and staff of our faculty to vaccinate people on their second vaccinations in the group. from phase one of people who were eligible, ”said Bobby Fleischman, Chancellor and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Ferris State University.

The vaccination effort comes as Michigan continues to experience an increase in cases – the worst in the nation.

“The assumption is that many of these cases are the variant that we know to be significantly more transmissible. We encourage vaccines because they will prevent you from getting sick or seriously ill, or even death related to COVID-19 disease, but it will also prevent you from spreading the virus to others, ”said Beth Langenburg, Chief Operating Officer, Spectrum Health, Big Hospitals Rapids & Reed City.

Ferris says they have nearly 2,500 doses to administer and can vaccinate up to 588 people per day. They hope that giving the vaccine access to the campus will create a safer campus, but also help return to the life we ​​knew before the pandemic.

“This is a game changer. This gives us the opportunity not only to stay ahead of the rise of the pandemic, but it also gives us the opportunity to have an even safer campus on our campus through our testing, and our sewage testing that we have conducted we have been able to locate and eradicate where we see potential outbreaks, ”said Fleischman.

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