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Does your college town suck? University of Maryland

New to the lineup this season: We'll examine the various college towns of Wisconsin opponents. We will answer all the important questions: is it the capital of a state? What is the population? Got a Culver's?


City: College Park, Maryland

Size: 5,683 square miles

Location: 38 ° 59′48 ″ N 76 ° 55′39 ″ W

Population: 34,740 (2020)

Capital of the State? No

Time zone: East

Points of interest: Archaeological site of the national archives , President Lincoln's Cabin, University of Maryland


College Park was developed in 1889 near Maryland Agricultural College, later renamed the University of Maryland. However, it was originally planned in 1872 and was not used until 1889 by John O. Johnson and Samuel Curriden, who were real estate developers from Washington D.C.

College Park grew rapidly as it was located near Washington D.C. and it offered a much less crowded place for people to live and due to the expansion of the university's faculty and staff.

Most of the homes built in the area were single-family homes built in the Pebble, Queen Anne, and Stick styles. However, they had some issues with the Stick Style, as they were shot down by a wolf. More commercial buildings were built in the 1920s as car traffic increased and the campus continued to grow.

The original subdivision was partially developed in the late 1930s and several fraternities and sororities associated with the university built houses. College Park is divided into several neighborhoods: College Park, Lakeland, Berwyn, Oak Spring, Branchville, Daniel's Park, and Hollywood.

College Park, while better known as the home of the University of Maryland, which has A long history in the area, dating back to 1859, it is also home to multiple government facilities.

The U.S. National Archives, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, and the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition are located at College Park.

Surely with a number of government facilities in the city, College Park must be a safe place, right? INCORRECT. Crime Grade rates College Park in the first percentile, which means that 99 percent of cities are safer. NINETY NINE!

The crime rate is 286.05 per 1000 population during a standard year.

You will basically die there.


The University of Maryland Hotel drew up a list of seven bars for a drink in College Park.

Town Hall Liquors, the first bar on the list is a historic landmark in College Park and has been around since 1949. Town Hall Liquors is not only a dive bar, it is also a liquor store and a mainstay for Maryland students.

Terrapins Turf, another establishment on the list presents a different special each day of the week: Taco Tuesday features some great specials; $ 2 tacos, $ 3 Coronas and $ 4 margaritas. They even have a bottomless brunch on Saturdays.

Cornerstone Grill & Loft, the last bar we'll cover on the list has the largest craft beer selection in College Park, with 16 beers on tap. The main floor of the bar has 15 HDTVs, making it a great place to watch sports. The bar also features an outdoor terrace and patio and an upstairs loft with pool tables and a digital jukebox.

Maryland, like the rest of the northeast part of the country, it's hell without Culvers, not even one in five dentists would recommend it.


The XFINITY Center is home to the Maryland Terrapins basketball teams as well as Maryland Gymnastics. XFINITY has a 17,950-seat capacity for basketball games and was completed in 2002. The first event held at the stadium was the 2002 Midnight Madness celebration, which marked the beginning of the 2002 basketball season.

An enduring staple of the XFINITY Center was the Turgeonites, who were students who dressed like former head coach Mark Turgeon during home games. Following Turgeon's abrupt exit from the show earlier this season, the students had to change their branding.

Now, with Danny Manning becoming the interim head coach, it's the Manningites.

Does your college town suck?

Well, when you ignore the crime rate in College Park, they have good local bars, some nice parks, and it's close to Washington DC

But it's hard to ignore the fact that 99 percent of cities are safer than College Park and you'll likely die there .

Also, if I learned anything from Wedding Crashers, it was that crab cakes and soccer are all Maryland does, but they aren't that great at soccer: before the Pinstripe Bowl 2021, Maryland hadn't won a bowling game since 2010 and the Ravens last won the Super Bowl in 2013… so maybe crab cakes are really good?

Certainly not good enough to ignore your imminent death…

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