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Devastated by future policy changes? It could have 'pre-traumatic stress'

With any anticipated form of stress or trauma, it also helps to talk to other people who are currently dealing with similar problems or who they have in the past " so you do not feel alone, "says Van Susteren. "When you're a stranger and everyone else is clueless or distant, it can be very strange." Talking to people who have gone through similar military or activist experiences can also be educational if you discover what the dangers and obstacles are. , how to keep up and take proper breaks, and what else you can do to prepare. "It's like the difference between being hit with a punch and knowing that a punch is coming," says Van Susteren.

It also helps to take constructive measures on the subject that makes you feel stressed, says Van Susteren. If you are concerned about climate change, you can calculate your carbon footprint and take steps to reduce or compensate for it, perhaps by walking or riding a bicycle instead of driving, isolating your home, buying low-energy appliances or locally grown products. of imported. If you are alarmed by the refugee crisis or civil rights issues, you could volunteer to a nonprofit organization dedicated to positive change. "You will take all the energy that comes with feeling vulnerable and turning it into constructive action," says Van Susteren.

Fearing the future: Pre-traumatic stress reactions were originally published in U.S. News & World Report.

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