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CSU leads in number of college COVID-19 cases in Colorado – The Rocky Mountain Collegian

COVID-19 leaves no state out when it comes to cases on college campuses, including California State University Colorado.

There have been more than 80 confirmed cases at CSU since May 20, according to Dell Rae Ciaravola, manager of risk communications and public safety.

This means that CSU has the highest case count of all other universities in the state. according to data published by The New York Times.

You can find a breakdown of COVID cases at CSU here.

The University has been providing hand sanitizer and wipes for students outside of classrooms, as well as a required daily symptom checker for students.


“Free exams will be offered every Tuesday and Friday on campus for students and professors and staff requested by the University to be tested, ”Ciaravola wrote in an email to The Collegian .

However, the Pandemic Preparedness Team has not yet determined the location of these free trials.

But even with the right social distancing measures and hybrid / online class models, the numbers remain undeniable.

On August 28 alone, four students and two faculty and staff tested positive, according to data provided on CSU's COVID recovery website.

“The numbers reflect positive test results associated with faculty, staff, and students as compiled by CSU Public Health, Larimer County Public Health, and private practitioners and do not necessarily reflect people who have or have not been on the grounds of the University ”, the website reads.

CSU is responding to positive cases by rapidly tracing people who have been in close contact with a person who tested positive and quarantining them, according to Ciaravola.

"Additionally, the University is using sewage testing for viral signals to (track) possible active cases of COVID-19," Ciaravola wrote. "Wastewater provides very early detection of COVID-19 in a community, often before there are a greater number of cases."

She notes that the sewage testing method was used to prevent an outbreak at the University of Arizona.

"The Rams take care of the Rams," says the COVID recovery website. “Our most important asset is the health of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to the University. We must do our part to keep each other healthy and protect the health of our family, friends, and the larger community in northern Colorado. ”

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