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Conferences canceled at the University of Durban

"The decision was taken after renewed student protests in Durban, while the commitments between the administration of the university and the SRC were carried out [Monday] in the morning.Although the suspension of the academic program in Durban is disappointing, the university can not endanger the safety of all staff and students. " Unacceptable levels of intimidation [are] are not conducive to a learning environment, "said Mthembu.

The university said protesters" disrupted classes, intimidated staff and students, and protesters violated the rights of others by publicly issuing threats against members of the DUT community. "

Mthembu blamed direct [Student]

"It seems that some student leaders in Durban are not interested in agreements that bring us closer to the solutions. It is this group that is spreading false news, issuing threats and promoting disruption and disorder in Durban.

"Then, considering the general safety of our staff and students, [the senate executive committee] has decided to suspend the academic program in Durban until further notice. Academic activity in the Midlands will continue as planned, "said Mthembu.

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