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College graduates ready to take their next big step

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More than 30 students from Wollongong University celebrated their graduation from the Bega campus this week . From business to administration, the graduates gathered at the Bega Valley Memorial Civic Center on Thursday, December 6 to share their accomplishments with friends, family, colleagues and the community at large. After years of dedication, all were smiles before the presentation ceremony. The Mogareeka resident, Liane Munro, completed her bachelor's degree in sociology after six years of study and began her undergraduate degree, which will allow her to focus on her passion. "I'm really interested in how we connect," he said. "And now that I've studied it, I'm interested in what unites us and what divides us." I'm seeing volunteer groups and how they can build cohesion, especially activist groups. "With climate change I think this is very important. begin to really adapt to our groups and support systems. "Maddy Charlton-Owen, of Bermagui, is on her way to becoming a nurse after completing her bachelor's degree in nursing this year.He was offered a job at the Calvary Public Hospital Bruce in Canberra and She is also willing to take her skills abroad. "My parents suggested the title and I have not looked back since then," said the 24-year-old. "It was the only time I had in my life where I felt like I was I would have lit a light bulb in my head. "Kayla Robbie de Eden studied the high school program at the university and became a mentor, completing her Bachelor of Arts in Common idad, culture and environment, and will begin a Primary Education Master next year in Wollongong. "I love working with children, I've done some practice and I've enjoyed it a lot, it's been inspiring," said the 22-year-old. "I want to make a difference and help people." She said that the key to educating young people is to make learning "fun and interesting" and for children to participate in their own learning experience. While he said he enjoys life on the southern coast, a change to Wollongong next year will allow him to experience a larger campus, he said. Djiringanj and Ngarigo, the elderly Aunt Colleen Dixon, welcomed Djiringanj land and the manager of the Bega campus, Sam Avitaia, welcomed the guests. Deputy Mayor of Bega Valley Shire, Mitchell Nadin, congratulated the students on their achievements. Professor Paul Chandler, vice chancellor (inclusion and dissemination) of the university, presented the graduates with hard-won degrees. /ef3010f9-50cf-4435-8446-bce753645406.JP/r373_457_4153_2915_w1200_h678_fmax.jpg [1945] [Nombre] [1945] [1945] [1945]] [1945] [] [1945] [] [1945]


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