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College Board Reaches Milestone in Gender Equality |

In 2020, College Board, Stony Brook's group of senior academic and administrative leaders, achieved gender equity with a 50/50 gender division between women and men. This is a milestone that the University has strived for as part of its commitment to the United Nations #HeForShe initiative.

“As HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 Champion, we are committed to pursuing lasting change. Gender equality is everyone's responsibility, and at Stony Brook that commitment starts at the top, "said Judith Greiman, deputy chief of the president and

Senior Vice President, Government and Community Relations.

Prepared by the SBU Office of Research, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, December 9, 2020

About #HeForShe

Since its launch at the United Nations in 2014, #HeForShe is a global effort to engage men and boys in removing the social and cultural barriers that prevent women and girls from reaching their potential. The initiative invites men and boys to harness the work of the women's movement as equal partners in crafting and implementing a shared vision of gender equality that will benefit all of humanity. PACT 10x10x10 started in 2015 and engages key decision makers in governments, corporations and universities around the world to drive change from above. As an IMPACT Champion, Stony Brook has made gender equality an institutional priority by implementing the HeForShe IMPACT framework and developing commitments to advance and achieve gender equality for all.

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