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Church of Antioch, minister honored by the Lipscomb University

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sunday night was the official start of a three-day summer celebration organized by Lipscomb University, where themes of faith are explored.

But on Sunday, the event was also a reminder of the tragedy in Antioch, almost a year ago.

It has been almost ten months since an armed man opened fire at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. On Sunday, members of the congregation and minister were honored by Lipscomb University with the Kopio Prize.

Lipscomb University said: " T The name of the Kopio Awards comes from a transliteration of a Greek word that is used to describe a person who works up to total fatigue with help and glory of God, Lipscomb established the Kopio Awards to honor those individuals who surrender in this way to the service of God and the community, and Lipscomb University rewards it each year during its annual summer celebration event.

The shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ killed one and wounded six others. Minster Spann and his wife were among the injured.

"I received a bullet wound in the chest, and the bullet is still on my back." said Minister Spann. He also had one of his fingers amputated.

Minister Spann said that not only had they overcome these physical injuries but they had also had to overcome the emotional ones. He said they did it through worship.

"We thought it was important, not lose!" said Minster Spann.

"This church that went through a moment of tremendous tragedy and yet responded in a way that reflects grace and courage, and we want to honor that," said Randy Lowry, president of Lipscomb University.

Then, in a special presentation with a reflection of that tragic day by Eric Egan of News 2, Burnette Chapel Church of Christ received the Kopio Prize.

"We appreciate your courage, your commitment and you are affecting our community in a positive way," said Lowry

A way to end a tragedy story with forgiveness.

"We forgive because Christ forgave," said Spann.

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