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Cabinet approves ordinance to reverse university faculty quota movement | News from India

The Cabinet approved an ordinance on Thursday to restore the list of 200 points for the reserve in the recruitment of professors in universities and colleges. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, who was briefing reporters on a series of decisions made at the last cabinet meeting before the national elections, said the university would be taken as a unit for the reserve of teacher jobs under the Ordinance

said that the list of reservations at the universities was previously governed by circulars from the University Scholarship Commission. But the Allahabad High Court issued a judgment in 2017 that invalidated the instructions and ordered that the departments, and not the entire institute, should be considered as the unit to determine the reserved positions.

The Supreme Court upheld the high judicial verdict, which led to a change in the system of the list that had provoked a rejection of the leaders representing scheduled castes and scheduled tribal communities. It was argued that the new system drastically reduces the number of reserved seats.

The ordinance reverses this position and classifies an entire university or college as a single unit to determine Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and another late class quota (OBC).

This is the second time that the government reverses a court order in the face of protests from the SC-ST communities. Demonstrations at the national level against the perceived dilution of the SC / ST Law by the Supreme Court, which banned provisions such as automatic arrest and failure to anticipate bail, prompted the government to submit a bill last August to effectively reverse the sentence.

] Several students and teachers' associations had criticized the new system on the grounds that it would have disastrous consequences of decimating the SC / ST / OBC reserve at the posts of university professors. The opposition detained the Modi government for not having presented SLP in SC or having drafted an ordinance.

On Tuesday, the people who opposed the SC ruling had called Bharat bandh. Several opposition parties had joined the bandh. Previously, the universities adopted a system according to which each fourth teacher was named in the OBC category, seventh in the SC category and 14 in the ST category

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March 7, 2019 13:31 IST

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