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At DeSales University, playing video games is a college sport

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. In practice, preparing you for a big Saturday college game against Northampton County Community College.

"This is much better than playing in your room or apartment or wherever," said team member Hubert Whan Tong.

DeSales now has a state-of-the-art Esports Arena stadium.

"What reaction do you get when you tell people that you have video games as a college sport?" Bo Koltnow of WFMZ asked Karen Ruggles.

"There has been a mixed reaction, and many times people say it's not a sport," he said.

Ruggles is the assistant director of the Esports program at DeSales and says her team of seven, the first in the school's history, competes in the College League of Legends.

In his first season, the team is 0-4 and is looking for his first win.

The university is part of more than 120 universities across the country that added Esports to its sports department.

"How do you train video games?" Bo asked coach Anthony Stinemire.

"It's a lot of repetition and understanding of the game," he said.

Stinemire says the team practices five days a week, which includes film and gym studies.

"Many back exercises because the posture is very big if you're bent over for so long your back will come out," he said.

"Do you consider yourself an athlete at the university?" Bo asked Whan Tong.

"Yes," he said.

The computer science student, who is fighting the early-onset carpal tunnel, is the captain of the DeSales team.

"The amount of dedication we need to be good at this level is the same as if you wanted to throw 3 points all day," he said.

Second-year student Kevin Do says the best of three games lasted two hours.

"Like an athlete, everything is crucial Exercise, diet" If I eat junk food all day, I will not be focused , I will not be sleepy and I will not be up to the task, "said Do.

The school does offer Esport scholarships and the best professionals earn millions Win or lose, these players are part of the changing significance of college sports.

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