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4 Delaware State University students injured in an accident – Story

– Two fraternity promises from Delaware State University are in critical condition in an accident police say the police were involved in the hazing The car accident caught four people and FOX 29 was told to one of the drivers who was running errands for the fraternity during a hazing ritual after a day without sleep.

The collision of two vehicles closed on the north side of Route 1 in Smyrna for four hours on Saturday.

The family of Marlon Jackson, 23, says the elderly person at Delaware State University is being kept alive by a breathing device two days after the violent collision on Route 1.

"He's physically on a ventilator, he has no answer, they're telling us he's brain dead," said Stepmom Courtney Jackson.

Delaware State Police say it was late Saturday, when Jackson was at the wheel of a Chevy Impala with three passengers lost control southbound on Route 1 near Smyrna.

He turned toward the grassy median near the overpass on Route 6 and the road of a truck heading north. . Jackson and the passenger in the front seat were seriously injured.

His mother says he fell asleep at the wheel because the fraternity he is promising was keeping him. She says she begged him to sleep a few hours before the accident.

Jackson who was in the Air Force was promising the Psyche Kappa Alpha fraternity According to his family. His family says that not only were they sending him on trips known as missions at all hours by members of the fraternity but his girlfriend says he was being molested.

"They beat him with paddles, sticks, they beat his body, they made him eat raw onions, I had to take the hot wax off his back," said his girlfriend Kyarie Burt.

The State University of Delaware refused to comment on the hazing claims asking FOX 29 to leave the campus. They added that their only concern is for the health of their students. The national headquarters of Kappa Alpha Psi did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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